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Us Healthcare System

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Ann L. Stanford
HCA 305
Ms. Barnes
July 30, 2012

Delivery of U.S. Healthcare2

I. Introduction
An analysis of the future trends in the U.S. healthcare system reveals changes in the basic level of access to care, changes in the role which the government is taking in regards to the approach to the healthcare system, and changes to the overall deliverance of care in general. II. For most people, the frightening prospect of being unemployed, losing health insurance coverage, having inadequate insurance benefits, or living in a rural community without a physician raises one vital access-related question: Will I be able to get the care I need if I become seriously ill? (Millman, 1993). A. The PPACA was signed into law by President Obama in 2010. This law requires that all Americans whom are not covered by a health insurance plan obtain coverage or otherwise pay a penalty fee. B. We must look at where we stand amongst the rest of the world in regards to the deliverance of healthcare. III. While the government has always played a large role in the reshaping of the healthcare system, should it remain this way or should the economy be allowed to continue exerting market-driven reforms? A. The incorporation of the medical profession's cottage industry into the capitalist-dominated, market-driven, health care industry has painfully buffeted doctors. Surgeons struggle with increasing regulation of practice, complex and restrictive reimbursement schemes, increasing risks of malpractice lawsuits, and escalating costs of liability Delivery of U.S. Healthcare 3

insurance. The scientific and technical foundations of surgical practice continue to change rapidly, for the better, placing insurmountable burdens on individual practicing surgeons to remain abreast. Well-informed patients expect more service and better attention (Jones, 2004). B. In a speech...

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