Us Foreign Policy During Cold War Pertaining to North Korea

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  • Published: October 17, 2011
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Will Hilbert
Mr. Meuller
United States History- 8th
14 May 2011
Struggles with North Korea
The United States has had many problems regarding North Korea both, during the cold war and post-cold war. They have been the longest standing adversary to the United States, and are the victims of countless U.S sanctions and diplomatic agreements. The first problems with North Korea start post world war two when the Korean Peninsula was split in two. The Soviet Union, arch enemy of the United States, was stationed in the North. This lead to the current political affiliations North Korea has today. While the Soviets influenced communism in the North, the United States set up a capitalistic style government in the South. Having two arch enemies station so close lead to confrontation, and eventually the Korean War. This was the first glimpse of the cold war. For the Rest of the cold war Korea is quite, but post cold war their true identity is shown. One of the main problems regarding North Korea Post cold war is there nuclear program. Such scares as the 1998 testing of their Nuclear power by launching a missile that flew right over Japan. This directly went against the Agreed Framework. The Agreed framework was set up at a meeting between Jimmy Carter and Kim IL Sung. This Meeting was the first attempt to bring normalization to the two countries. While it worked in simmering down both sides before another war broke out, it failed to create a normalized relationship. The Six party talks were another attempt at both reducing the nuclear program of North Korea and normalizing the relationship of North Korea and the United States. These were the first negotiations to include other world super powers such as China, South Korea, Russia, and Japan. These were all countries that could help the North Koreans and Americans to normalize. Currently the Obama administration is making progressive strides and is in progress to do what the last three decades of presidents have failed...
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