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  • Published: September 30, 2013
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Motto-In God We Trust
Capital -Washinton D.C
Currency-American Dollar
GDP- $ 15.6 trilllion ( 2012 estimate)
President-Barack Obama ( Democratic)

The United states of America have travelled a long way from its exploration by Christopher Columbus in 1492 , to being a world superpower in the present age. Today the United States of America is a federal, constitutional republic consisting of 50 states & a federal district . It lies in the North America with Canada to its north, Mexico to its south , the pacific ocean towards west & the Atlantic towards east. The United States has developed post industrialization and has become the world’s largest economy with an estimated GDP (2012) of $ 15.6 trillion i.e. 19 % of global GDP at PPP. The per capita GDP of USA is one of the highest in the world. It has abundance of natural resources , a consolidated infrastructure and world’s leading manufacturing industries. USA alone accounts for 41 % of global military spending and is a dominant force in the political , economic & cultural scene of the world.

It was in 1492 that a sailor, Christopher Columbus, was making an effort to find a way from Europe to the far east. On his way to China he accidently found some islands in the Atlantic Ocean near North America. He thought it to be the Indies & hence named the natives of the land, Indians. These “Indians” ended up to be the native Americans & by accident, this sailor from Spain had discovered a whole new world. European colonization started in around 1600 and was largely originating from the Great Britain.The diseases brought & spread by the Europeans had a great impact on the American population in those times. The United States emerged from the 13 British held districts along the Atlantic Seaboard. These states started to have their own economic & political framework. These disputes between the American colonies & the...
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