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Topics: Thirteen Colonies, Colonialism, New England Colonies Pages: 2 (479 words) Published: February 13, 2013
During the Colonial Era, colonists came to the New World. Upon arrival the New England, Middle, and Southern colonies were created. To make a living the some settlers in these colonies farmed, traded, and cultivated. Through the roles of African Americans, educational opportunities, and the major economic activities, the differences between the New England, Middle and Southern colonies is shown. Throughout the different colonial regions, African Americans had different roles in society. In New England, a good portion of the Africans inhabiting the area were free. Because of this, they had the ability to own their own land and get trained in a certain skill. Similarly, in the Middle colonies, slavery was minimal as the Quakers started a movement to abolish slavery in the area. On the contrary, slavery in the Southern colonies was abundant. African Americans were treated horribly. They were denied all education opportunities and condemned to poverty. In this case, each colony has its own view on slavery and the acts associated with it.

Depending on the region, various educational opportunities were provided. New England supplied the most education of all three colonies as both boys and girls went to school. In this colony it was important that everyone could read so that they could study the Bible. Likewise, the Middle colonies had schooling for both genders however the abundance of schools was much less. Various religious groups organized the schools that were set up in those colonies. In the Southern colonies, however, education was something only provided to the wealthy. Planters’ sons received their education through tutors that came to their homes. Due to this, it is clear that the people living in New England colonies were more educated than those living in the Southern colonies. To generate revenue, each colonial region performed different economic activities. Throughout New England small farms were popular. A large amount of the occupants of the colony...
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