Us Civil Military Relations in Doldrum

Topics: Military history, Armed forces, Civilian control of the military Pages: 3 (807 words) Published: May 18, 2013
Lt Col Santosh Kumar Dhakal, presented in National Defense University

U.S. Civil –Military Relations in Doldrum
The present state of U.S. Civil Military relations reflects sporadic frustration and disharmony. The tantrum mainly could be due to its sapping into prolonged conflict with broad objective yielding very less tangible results. The nature of the war on which U.S. presently is with its grand alliance entail the highest degree of passion .As Churchill was eager to wait prolong ‘to empty the pond with a cup’. The political intent and military requirement is difficult to match and criticizing each other, which has wedged the cleavage into civil-military relations. The sudden deputation of Gen David Paetraus to Afghanistan portrays incoherence and mistrust between the military and civilian. Gen. Stanley McChrystal crossing the professional limit and the civilian authority letting a general to be goaded to reach to the state both portrays the state of confusion between the two entities. The political masters should take responsibility to match the means with the ends and need to ponder beyond the horizon of political objective; as a great British Military Historian Captain Liddell Hart said as a visualization of events at the grand strategic level. The general officers giving their opinion challenging the political turf and the politician’s speedy reaction displays the immature professionalism and deep rooted mistrust between it. The politician’s immediate action is taken as a pyrrhic victory over the military. It is indeed a foolhardy action on both the sides to create a state of confusion down the command echelon and to the public, which subsequently is hearting the sentiment of broader alliance formed against the war on terror.

It is natural to reach into disagreement between soldiers and civilian authority while sharing advice and opinions. The classification of such a discussion should be of the highest degree , even though someone might...
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