Us China Relations

Topics: People's Republic of China, United States, Superpower Pages: 9 (3576 words) Published: April 28, 2013
Salina Momin
April 15, 2013
International Politics
Professor Vanja Petričević
Research Paper

For over nearly seventy years the term super power has been reserved to describe the status and position given to the United States (US). The hegemonic role of governing the world became unarguably evident when the US, geopolitically strategized the World Wars and triumphed in the Cold War. The development of nuclear weapons in 1945 stamped the US to a position of a world superpower status. Relating to present day definition of superpower or dominance in the world, a realist like the Russian President Andrei Gromyko says: “a country that has a say in every corner of the globe and without it whose say nothing can truly substantial can be achieved in such corner.” (Jaffe) No other country or state (used alternatively) can fit this depiction better than the US. The United States unilaterally has dictated matters in politics, military, economics, even ideology in the international realm and continues to do so without any hesitation. Diligent and persistent efforts in and for organizations such as the United Nations, World Bank, and creation of NATO, NAFTA, and many multinational corporations heavily strive on the US involvement. Their role either, maybe both burdensome and often financially based, or occasionally a mere mediocre task of advisory. Aside from the political domain, US remains as a self sufficient state in economic terms. It’s GDP alone contributes twenty percent of the world’s total global assets . The US and its position in the international world is commonly examined from the Realist perspective, more precisely neorealist. The neorealist theory focuses on the state and their actions, in pursuit of achieving absolute gains. The United States captures the essence of the theory; therefore they are seen as the international winner in a world dominating race. When carefully examined, neorealist assumptions and theories such as the hegemonic stability theory and balance of power, which aid in predicting future transitions. Both theories imply control and how a second state (power) may challenge the current super power position. Hence the rise of a new power similar to the United States may prevail, in the matters of politics, economics and military. China-US

Presently, the international scholars and political scientists suggest a shift from unilateral hegemonic role to a bilateral or even multilateral world. Regardless of the divergence or cooperation, China (or the People’s Republic of China, PRC) is a top contender for the next super power status. Communist China’s intent and actions signal for attention, especially from the United States. (Although commonly referred to as Communist, China has capitalist dictatorship). During the administration of President Bush, foreign policy agenda was driven by the war on terrorism and a close watch on Iraq, while on the other side of the hemisphere Beijing aggressively concentrated on a strong military build-up. (O’neil) The Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA), and its modernization program alerted the Asian Security Environment by congressional leaders worldwide. Observers speculate based on China’s advancement in force and economic growth, an indication for them wanting to institute regional dominance. As mentioned above in the introduction, certain factors are essential for world dominance or global hegemonic role. Capacity and strength are no longer determining assets for a state’s utmost success, it is instead the method they apply their resources to achieve national goals. China’s ascension presents a direct threat to the dominance of the United States in the international system, through increased spending of defense and military advancements, maintaining and closely scrutinizing relations with US economically, creating institutions and alliances through...
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