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  • Published : November 3, 2012
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Checkpoint: The US Census Bureau Field Data Collection Project: Don’t Count On It October 24th, 2012
Professor Holt

How important is the FDCA project for the US census Bureau? How does it impact decision making and operational activities? The purpose of the Field Data Collection Automation is extremely important because its purpose is to collect the US census. The census determines allocation of congressional seats, federal assistance, and realigns boundaries of legislative districts within states. The intent of the FDCA is to collect respondent information and the goal is use handheld devices that would allow citizens to participate by only a signature, like signing for a package. This saves millions of pieces of paper and saves much time for the workers in charge of collecting the census. Other positive outcomes would be reduced, costs, improved data quality and better collection efficiency. Using paper methods to gather census information was very time-consuming and hard to organize. (Laudon & Laudon, 2011).

Classify and describe the problems the Census Bureau faced in implementing its new wireless data collection system. As of now, the handhelds were too slow and did not report data accurately and could not be relied upon to use in the 2010 census. The government does not use professionals to collect data, rather average pay by the day employees. This resulted in poor communication and the workers did not use appropriate testing procedures. Due to immature mobile technology, complex IT requirements of the new mobile devices, and accurate system requirements and scheduling information, this project failed.

What people, organization, and technology factors caused these problems? The people were the workers who were not accurately and efficiently trained how to operate this mobile device. The data they collected was often inaccurate. The census bureau director and the census organization did not anticipate the complexity of implementing...
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