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  • Published : May 5, 2013
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* Most elderly women are living lonely; where as in elderly men, half of them are married. * When they become older, they have few friends because of certain things such as vision, hearing problems; thus, they need more family care. * Activity theory of aging: looking at construct of social roles, some have lost spouse roles. * Social roles drop out when aging.

* When these older people engaging in different activities, they maintain in healthy ways and they are happier. * When the gas prices go up, these people tend not to go out. * Older people like to engage in many things

* Disengagement: if older person is volunteering for something, that is good * Life Review: turning inwards to begin to forget in ones life, such as was I good father, was I a good mother, suck like, they go back and think about them. * The best thing to do is: LISTEN to them, which helps them to be better in their lives * Elderly people like to have pets, meaning that they like to be with people all the time; also they have a reason to be with, which helps them to reduce stress. * Making comparison is important: because they can look at other and look back at them * Self-esteem: this really matters how they treat others in-terms of happiness. * ============================================================================================= * Social and Cultural issues in Aging:

* This is very bad in US. People in other countries even think that US is really bad at helping other elderly people. * It is true that social security is the only financial help that old people have * There are NINE core cultural values: on the ppt slides. * Trait theories of Personality: individuality of difference of some behaviors. * Conscientiousness: these ones work hard and look beautiful, what they called as workaholic people. * -------------------------------------------------

Neuroticism: person will say that “I know I will not do well” such...
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