Us Armys Supply Support Activity

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  • Published : November 17, 2010
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The organization that will be used for this course is the U.S. Army’s supply support activity. Supply support activities are designed to provide supported units with various types of supplies. Supported units are ultimately considered the customer of the supply support activity. Supply support activities provide a service to their customers very similar to the method a local department or grocery store supports their customers. Supplies can be anything from food to major end items such as a high mobility multipurpose wheeled vehicle(HMMWV). For the army to operate efficiently, it depends on the various types of supplies to function on a daily basis. Soldiers cannot fight or train if they are not equipped with the right equipment at the right time or if they do not have energy because they have not eaten for extended periods of time.

Supply support activities vary in size, the size of a supply support activity is generally based on their customer base and the type of supplies they provide. Similar to department store, a supply support activity stocks and maintains enough supplies to support their customer efficiently. Too much inventory can lead to waste, too little inventory can lead to a soldier not being able to accomplish their mission because the product is not available. Supply support activities generally operate within a warehouse, however, when necessary it can function exposed to the elements of the environment. The on hand inventory maintained within the supply support activity is called the authorized stockage list(ASL). The on hand inventory for short shelf life items such as food is minimal versus the on hand inventory of an item that does not have a limited shelf life such a engine may be more. There are many tools or performance standards designed to measure the performance of a supply support activity. Customer wait time(CWT), backorders and fill rates are three of the main performance standards monitored by...
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