Us and Metric System

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The United States and the Metric System
The issue of whether the United States should change to the metric, a decimal-based system of measurement units, has been widely debated in our community for a long time. No one decided the United States should go metric, so the traditional system of weights and measures is still not used in by the goverment. However, it is an important issue because the metric system has become widespread throughout the United States’ economy. Consumers may be surprised at the number of items in everyday use that have been manufactured in metric units for some time. For example, the metric system for automobiles, computers, wine, and soft drinks has been accepted with little difficulty. In addition, American scientific and medical communities use metric units almost exclusively. I strongly believe that the metric system is imperative to maintain America’s competitive edge in the global economy for some very compelling reasons. First of all, the United States should switch to the metric system because this system is easy to use and learn. The United States doesn’t have a perfectly good measuring system. We have a clumsy, entangled, confusing measuring system that confuses not only the rest of the world, but it perplexes Americans themselves. For example, if you go to buy carpeting, and you need 100 square feet, the carpet costs $10 per square yard, could you, even given these simple numbers, ever figure out how much you’ll pay? I also have many questions on the same subject. Which is more, 2 quarts, 5 pints or 36 fl oz? How many pints are in a gallon? How many pounds are 200 ounces? Which drill is the larger - the 13/64, the 1/4 or the 5/32? This is a big problem, which is called the English Imperial system. On the other hand, thinking metric isn’t difficult because the most common metric units are the meter to measure length, the second to measure time, the kilogram for mass or weight,...
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