Urmila Devi's Slumber

Topics: Rama, Ramayana, Sita Pages: 5 (1991 words) Published: April 10, 2013
Urmila & Her Exile
Long long ago, one fine day in the past, the sun is overhead and the weather is very bright and sunny but the Mansion of the „Surya Vamsh‟ appears to be gloomy. The king‟s palace is hugely crowded with people flooding in from all parts of the kingdom and neighborhood as well. The whole of the Dasarath‟s castle, everyone had their shoulders dropped, signifying their staunch disappointment in the series of events that occurred leading to the exile of Rama. Janak, indentured by the promise he gave to Kaika is looking helpless and had locked himself inside the room so as to avoid the painful sight of his beloved son leaving all the worldly pleasures. The others in the kingdom were in no less than pain of losing a very vital limb of their body, on losing Rama for 14 years. Sita and Lakshmana granted some sorts of relief are getting ready to accompany Rama on his expatriation. Ironically, the tale on the other side of coin is totally different. Most of the others were worried and saddened by the absence of Rama however Urmila is being bugged by the mere thought of absence of Lakshmana. She burst into tears from the moment she learnt about this sore moment and couldn‟t help do anything but hope to drown her agony in the tear drops. Urmila, the central character of this story, a.k.a. Urmila Devi, is the younger daughter of Janak and also the younger sister of Sita. She has been married to Lakshmana on the same day as that of Sita and Rama. When Rama left Sita believing the words of a washer man, people described the anguish and sorrow of sita, but no one did explain the 14 years of sorrow of urmila when she was left by her husband Lakshmana to accompany his brother Rama to the vanavas. Urmila‟s misery was even worse than that of Sita during the vanavas. When Urmila urges her husband Lakshmana to take her along with him, lakshmana refuses with a reason that she has to take care of her in-laws and even asks her not to shed tears. The painful agonizing moment which she had badly wanted to avoid became reality and she was left back only with the excruciating moments of Lakshmana leaving her behind. But destiny was not so kind on her she had to experience bitter of the bitter experiences. She had to put up with the pain of Dasarath passing away, but only the ones very strong from heart could endure the sorrow, she did and managed to wait all those 14 years to watch Lakshmana return.

Urmila suffered in silence for 14 years and never complained about it. She was considered dead by her family members. How did Urmila feel leaving her husband just after a few months of their marriage? She felt most aggrieved of her life in that single instance when Lakshmana heads for vanavas. May be she did not have any other alternative other than obeying her husband‟s words. She is very much committed to her marriage and is subservient to her husband however; one cannot bear the pain of parting their loved ones as she did. She has expected someone to console her in her misery. All this while, she has spent her life more like a nun without having any worldly pleasures. Hers was a tragic story in Ramayana. As it is popularly said that every human life has its own meaning and purpose, Urmila‟s life also serves a purpose obey her husband‟s words, serve Rama and sita.

None in the entire palace could provide solace to her. Urmila continued to weep and weep and weep until her eyes completely dried out. Thanks to all those tears she shed, she inadvertently fell asleep to ease her out of the suffering at least momentarily. It was the day when Urmila first went to sleep after Lakshmana left her alone in that palace. In her sleep that day she had a beautiful dream, which was the dream she thought of experiencing in her real life after her marriage. It is every girl‟s dream that she should spend most of her time with her husband soon after their marriage. Urmila also expected that same love to happen in her life. Urmila‟s dream: One fine...
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