Urishima Taro

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  • Published : March 25, 2013
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Urashima Taro

Long time ago, in a small village near the sea lived a fisherman called Urashima Taro. He was known around the town for his kindness and truthfulness. One day when Urashima Taro was going back to his home from the sea, he saw a bunch of children teasing a small turtle with a stick. Urashima felt sorry for the turtle and tried to stop the children. He said “Children why are teasing this small turtle while it has done nothing to you?” but the children laughed at Urashima Taro and started to poke the turtle again. Urashima wanted to save the turtle; he said to the children “If you hand over the turtle to me, I will give you all the money I earn from my catch today”. The children looked at Urashima’s fishing which was full with fish and decided that they should agree with Urashima. Urashima took the turtle from the children and set the turtle off in the sea. After some days, when Urashima was fishing he heard a voice saying “Urashima, Urashima”. The voice was coming from the water and suddenly something drifted up from the sea. It was a large and old turtle. “Urashima, I am the turtle whose life you saved the other day” said the turtle. The turtle said “As a repayment for your kindness I am here to take you to the king who lives in the sea.” Urashima left his fishing gear and asked him how is going to take him to the king of the sea. “I will carry you on my back” said the turtle. Urashima and turtle left the shore and set to the sea; the moment Urashima and turtle entered the sea, Urashima grew gills on the side of his neck. No sooner they set off, Urashima found himself in a castle underneath the sea. “You can walk now” said the turtle after reaching the gate of the castle then the turtle guided him to the king. Urashima Taro and the turtle both bowed to the king. “Is this the person who saved you?” asked the king. “Yes, majesty” said the turtle. “Come Urashima Taro, we have prepared a great entertainment for you” said the king. The king...
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