Urinary System

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The Urinary System
The urinary system is one of the eleven major organ systems of our body. This organ system is one that is often over looked. The urinary system removes toxins from the blood and maintains the acid-base balance of the body. This system regulates the chemical composition, volume, and electrolyte balance of the blood. The urinary system works in with the respiratory, integumentary, and digestive organs to eliminate waste. Reflexology supports and enhances the urinary system by removing toxins that help reestablish balance. In this paper, I will go over three important facts about the urinary system. . The urinary system is home of: two kidneys, two ureters, the bladder, the sphincter muscle, the nerves in the bladder and the urethra. The kidneys remove urea from the blood through, nephrons. Each nephron entails of glomerulus, and a renal tubule. The glomerulus is what filters the blood, the watery solution. Urea, together with water and other waste matters makes the urine then it passes through the nephrons and down the renal tubes of the kidneys. The ureters are narrow tubes that carry urine from the kidneys to the bladder. Muscles in the ureter walls tighten and relax, which force our urine away from the kidneys. Small amounts of urine empty into the bladder from the ureters. The bladder is where the urine is stored. The bladder is able to hold about 20 ounces of urine. That is the same amount as your favorite bottle of soda. The bladders wall relaxes and expands to store urine and contract and flatten to release urine through the urethra. We have nerves in the bladder that lets us know when we have to urinate. The sphincter muscles help keep the urine from leaking by closing tightly around the opening of the bladder. The sphincter is controlled by the autonomic nervous system. The urethra is the tube that carries the urine from the bladder to outside of the body. The urethra differs slightly within the male and female...
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