Uriah Heep

Topics: Employment, At-will employment, Law Pages: 3 (1000 words) Published: March 18, 2013
Uriah Heep is an accountant for the City of Boca Grande. He has been employed for a full seven years and has an excellent record. Two months ago, Mr. Heep’s supervisor learned from some of Uriah’s employees that Uriah works weekends as an exotic dancer at a local nightclub. Unfortunately Mr. Heep, he was fired for “engaging in activities that could discredit the City.” He then took the action and liberty of sueing to get his job back. This is a complex case with several laws and exceptions that need to be analyzed. Should the plantiff Uriah Heep sue and get his job back or was it the right action for the City of Boca Grande to terminate his accounting position? The plaintiff Uriah Heep has several different reasoning’s as for why his discharge should be reappointed. For one, this gentleman may be considered an at-will employee. An at-will employee is an employee who does not have employment contacts (Textbook, Pg. 415). Under the common law, an at-will employee can be discharged by and employer at any given time for any reason. Now, an employee who has been wrongfully discharged can sue the employer for damages and other remedies such as reinstatement in Mr. Heep’s case. The Case study doesn’t provide very detailed information on the case so I am going to look at this from several perspectives. It is very clear that Uriah Heep has been on payroll and is a documented worker for the City of Boca Grande. He pays taxes and benefits from full time employment. His weekend shifts at the nightclub may or may not be documented. He may be working there for cash and may have signed no documents. This can be seen as if he is not even employed at the nightclub. There is no evidence; the only evidence was by mouth from other employees. This could be a personal attack on Uriah Heep, which resulted in benefits for another employee for the City of Boca Grande. Uriah may argue that the employees made false statements with reckless disregard for the truth, which resulted in...
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