Urbanization and Overpopulation

Topics: Demography, Poverty, Overpopulation Pages: 2 (452 words) Published: September 26, 2012
Overpopulation and Urbanization are two factors that serve as an inpediment on developing nations worldwide. The result of Overpopulation and urbanization drastically affects a region economically and culturally. Overpopulation is an overabundance of people in a region or country that lacks adequate resources that are necessary to sustain life. Many debate whether overpopulation would be incapable of supporting an abrupt increase of people, or if it was a form of wealth that will cause another industrial boom. Unfortunately overpopulation generally harms a country or region. Overpopulation can be caused by many factors such as, religious, economic, cultural, and a lack of knowledge. Various religions teach that bringing children into the world is fundamental, and in some cultures many believe it is necessary to have large families to carry on an ancestry. However, economically some people think that large numbers of children are required to keep a family financially in balance. A lack of knowledge on reproduction and birth control can also subject a nation to overpopulation. With all of these incentives it is difficult to control population growth. Nations such as Africa and in Central and South America have suffered from the problems of overpopulation. An increase in birthrate leads to overcrowding which then leads to a depletion of natural resources. Without these resources people will suffer from malnutrition and hunger therefore, the population is inclined to a state of poverty. In order to control birth rates to a more consistent manner nations such as China has sponsored birth control programs to enforce family planning but in a more knowledgeable way. Urbanization is another global problem found upon nations in the process of becoming developed. Urbanization is the movement of people to cities. This is caused by a search for a better and more westernized lifestyle that includes educational and employment opportunities. Better health care and modern...
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