Urban Sprawal

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  • Published : May 29, 2013
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St. name: cookie Class:A4 Score: In England, 1765, an English worker named James Hargreaves invented an efficient spinning machine which is called Spinning Jenny. It is the invention of this machine that means the start of Industrial Revolution. Afterwards, mankind went into a new generation. As the machine replaced the manpower, mankind developed very fast. In the late 19th century, the first car was invented. These two factors made cities expand in an incredible speed. The urban started to sprawl.

Urban sprawl leads to a series of problems. When there were bigger cities, there was less farmland. A number of farmers moved into cities and became workers. Thus, more people lived in cities and made cities more crowded. However, those lived in cities need cars because cities are much bigger than before, which cause more energy consumption. Migrant workers and high consumption of energy gradually caused many social and ecological problems. To solve these problems, some suggest that technological solutions can adequately address the social and ecological problems resulting from urban sprawl. Nonetheless, technology has many limitations. This essay will explains the reason why technological solutions cannot adequately address the social and ecological problems resulting from urban sprawl through an analysis of loss of farmland, some social problems and pollution.

Technological solutions cannot solve all the environmental problems. It is economical interests that drive the loss of farmland. “Large land holders and developers want to maximize the value of their land by attracting capital investment, tourism and other forms of economic activity to their region.” (Gonzalez, 2005, pp.347) Urban Sprawl directly causes the loss of farmland. The growth rate of city area in China during 1990 and 1995 was more than four times the growth rate of urban population. (Martin, 2007, pp.69) This means the loss of farmland is very fast. In 2003 alone,...
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