Urban Sociology

Topics: High school, Secondary school, Metro-North Railroad Pages: 3 (1001 words) Published: May 1, 2013
Many times people are not aware of the urban issues in their neighborhoods. The field of Urban Sociology studies the interplay between social and spatial institutions. The general goal is to understand urban issues emerging in your own neighborhood and then compare it other areas. For my research, I developed different approaches to how I see my neighborhood and the changes that occur when diverse social groups mix. My analysis was based on Thornwood, New York, census tract 121.02

Thornwood is a hamlet in the town of Mount Pleasant in Westchester County. It is approximately 30 miles north on New York City. The total area of the hamlet 1.1 square miles In the early 1890s, real-estate developer Louis Smadbeck began buying up the area farms to subdivide into parcels, which were sold to working- and middle-class people looking to live outside the city. Thornwood once had a large and thriving Westchester marble quarry near its heart, the intersection of Route 141 and Kensico Road. The quarry pit was filled in during the mid 1980s, and the Town Center shopping center was constructed over it. Thornwood once had a station the Harlem Line of the Metro-North Railroad and was about a 48-minute ride to Grand Central Terminal. The station building remains on Commerce Street, but the stop was eliminated when the upper Harlem Line was electrified in the mid-1980s. Thornwood was the only stop eliminated as a result of the electrification process. While the station could accommodate diesel trains, the curvature of the tracks as proceeding north to made the construction at Thornwood of an elevated platform, necessary for electric trains, impractical. Though, there is no train station in Thornwood, I only need to drive 5 minutes to get to the train station in Hawthorne, the neighboring hamlet. Hawthorne is an unincorporated hamlet of Mount Pleasant as well, the village was originally known as Hammond's Mills, and was part of Frederick Philipse’s estate Philipsburgh. On September...
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