Urban Schooling and Making Education a Long-Term Success

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  • Published : January 28, 2013
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Urban Schooling

School - Home Connection: The Barrier to Breakthrough

School is a place to learn and take benefit from a host of academic activities that are integral for the students’ development. However, when the term urban schooling is used instead of just school, there are many factors and considerations that one has to take care of. The urban schools are encountering a multitude of problems that make them require immediate solutions to the serious issues. One of the main problems faced by urban schools is that the students find enormous difficulties in building connections between their school and homes. The focus of the paper is on highlighting the several issues that hinder the possible school-home connections. Moreover, the significant issues concerning instruction and curriculum would also be analyzed that are related to constructive social and academic experiences (Beveridge, 2007, pp.3).

There are various types of issues that are faced in the context of urban schooling. Talking about the issues that teachers face, one can get to hear numerous complaints from them. The teachers in the urban school setting do not find sufficient level of motivation to be able to manage their jobs. They are neither paid good as compared to the teachers of sub-urban schools, nor provided a healthy environment. They have to follow the old courses and textbooks that have nothing of particular learning for the students. Moreover, they have to deal with a diverse group of children who have no basic knowhow of discipline and decorum required in an academic setting (Dantas & Manyak, 2010. Pp. 224). As we discussed in class, it is no easy task to be able to truly have that special bond with a student for many and various reasons.

The issues of children are plentiful when we get to see them more closely while analyzing their backgrounds and families they belong to. The students are not getting the required levels of attention that they should receive in the...
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