Urban Renaissance and Physical Development

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Concept of Urban Renaissance2

Theory of Urban Renaissance and New development6

Urban Renaissance in relation to Environmental Management8

Sustainable Development in terms of Urbanization13

Environmental, Social and Economic issues in Sustainability14

Social Issues14

Economic Issues15

Environmental Issues15

Drivers and Barriers of Implementing Sustainable Urban Design16

Problems and Benefits in the implementation of Sustainable Urban design19



Critically evaluate how the theory of” Urban Renaissance “relates to Environmental Management within new development.


Society’s requirement for new functions are expanding and changing rapidly. The main pulling factors behind this change are population growth, demand for recreation, water demand, housing demand and so on. In most part of the world, most cities improve their landscape structure through urbanization to meet the needs of the people (Vos and Meeks, 1999; Neuman, 2000). Due to economic restructuring and depopulation or changing population, the city centres or part of cities fall in to bad condition which results in abandoned buildings and local unemployment. This phenomenon is also known as urban decline and the people then prefer to live in country side areas. In UK there is a tendency of urban decline especially during 1970s and 1980s.So in order to protect the economy and to rejoin the people in to urban centres- the process Urban Renaissance is very active in Britain cities. But at the same time environmental concern such as destruction of natural resources is also rising up due to urbanisation (Kokosalakis et al, 2006).

Concept of Urban Renaissance

Urban renaissance refers to the regeneration and re establishment of population in the city centres when it is prone to decay or already decayed by modifying the landscape with new facilities. It is, moreover, finding out the causes for urban decline and regenerating the cities again with more facilities and incorporating the people in it. It is a wide range of developmental procedures which includes the outer environment, social, and economic factors to make landscape suitable for all purposes for the society (Cook, 2009).

There are different definitions about urban renaissance. It is defined as an inclusive and integral approach to the alteration and management of urban regions which provides basic qualities include environmental friendly sustainable actions in the area, generating outstanding places along with balanced population and encouraging economic improvement. Apart from these, the created urban space provide safe and sound public space, reasonably dense and compact quarters or houses , good and easy transport facility and enough greenery. These all factors are well planned and designed for the well being of the community (Withington, 2001).

After the urban decline in Britain, there is the establishment of “Urban Task Force” in 1998 to find out the causes of urban decline and to make well planned measures to develop cities with excellent facilities. They identified the causes for urban decline in UK cities and have recommended certain principles to bring back people in cities and towns. They put forward a new idea for urban renaissance with basic ideas like excellent design, environmental responsibility, and social well being in a feasible economic and legislative outline (Carmona, 2001).The main key themes are

|1 |Design Excellence | |2 |Economic strength | |3 |Environmental responsibility | |4 |Social well being | |5 |Good governance |

Table 1 Ideas of implementing urban regeneration...
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