Urban Poverty

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  • Published : May 5, 2013
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Sociology 300
April 27, 2013

This paper will describe strategies for dealing with massive urban poverty, joblessness and poor housing. I will also address how to make cities productivity increase and in particular how to do so in a way that creates more jobs, increase incomes and business opportunities. Low-income families and communities will benefit the most from these changes and hopefully improve their quality of life. The reduction of Urban Poverty requires the teamwork of many different groups in the city: the private sector, the town and non- governmental organizations. The good thing about the urban poor is that they can and will build their own housing, with some outside assistance. The private sector is responsible for providing goods and services needed by the urban poor that are affordable. This would come in the form of supermarkets and laundry facilities within walking distance of their homes. The town plays the role of creating conditions that make it easier on all the other groups to contribute to the community. The non-governmental organizations such as churches and non- profit organizations also play a major role in the process. They can provide spiritual and emotional counseling to those who need their support. The town has the responsibility of creating new job opportunities and long term solutions to spark the economy. It should also create ways to attract companies and factories to the urban areas. That can be in the form of tax incentives or even paying for a portion of the companies relocation cost. All of these things can be accomplished through constant monitoring of social, physical economic trends. The town also has a responsibility to have qualified staff that has the knowledge to take on these types of tasks. The urban poor can and do influence politics in their country by being informed and participating in their elections. Low-income citizens tend to pay close attention to the government and what...
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