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Assignment #5: Reviewed Proposal
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This paper will examine the urban agriculture movement currently taking place in Detroit, Michigan and how it is having an effect on the city that the goals and motivations of historical planning initiatives strived to achieve. This paper will aim to shed light on why urban agriculture is an important and relevant new area to be studied and taken into consideration by governments and city planners for the betterment of future cities and the plans that will shape them.

I will be utilizing the components of two styles of essay writing: compare and contrast; and categorize and explain. I will be comparing the desired outcomes and motivations that drove historical planning initiatives (of which I will explain in more detail to follow) to the actual outcomes and effects that citizen-initiated urban agriculture is having on the communities and individual citizens in Detroit. I will ‘categorize’ by assigning each body paragraph a historical movement and explain each ones’ goals, then compare these to the outcomes witnessed in Detroit. This comparison reveals that the goals of famous and major historical planning initiatives are being fulfilled by the means of the movement of UA in Detroit, planners should use the findings of Detroit as a tool to understand how they can replicate it in other plans to stimulate similar results.

I will begin by developing the contextual reasons for the movement in Detroit and stating facts gathered through research. This will include the population and job losses that occurred due to the decline of the car industry and how the led to the state the city is now in. I will then introduce what exactly is happening in Detroit in terms of urban agriculture (UA). This will lead



to the description of positive effects it is having on the citizens and communities. These include: health benefits, educational benefits, raising morale, job creation, self empowerment, safety, efficient use of space (Thibert, 2012). Many of these interrelate with each other, so I will be creating broader categories into which they will fit. Each category will be discussed individually in each body paragraph, but the later paragraphs will also draw conclusions that incorporate effects from earlier paragraphs – because many of the effects are interrelated. I have not decided exactly the order in which I will introduce the ideas, but knowing my own writing method, it will come together in the writing process. Cutting and pasting will surely be necessary. The historical planning initiatives I will be examining are as follows: City Beautiful, motivated by citizens at the individual level to create healthy neighborhoods and happy citizens; Parks and Playground, motivated by getting children off the streets and into safer areas; Garden City, one of the various goals being earning revenue by efficiently placing agricultural work ‘close to the front doors’ of the workers; Henri Saint-Simon, who wanted to improve morale to create better societies (Booth, 1871; Howard, 1902; McArthur, 1975; Peterson, 2003). I will emphasize that the key points to be taken from my paper are not the means of how the initiatives were (intended to be) implemented, but the goals of why the initiative was created. I will conclude my paper by recapping my main arguments, and also stating the relevance of my findings. UA in Detroit is creating healthy, happier and safer communities and neighborhoods. This should be analyzed by city policy makers and urban planners to learn how this is happening and why so these positive effects can be replicated elsewhere in future plans. Lastly, I will mention the implications of...
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