Urban Planning and Sustainability of Hong Kong

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Urban planning and sustainability of Hong Kong
ENV200 – Environment Sustaliability
Yik Shan, Chiang (42573521)
Ling Fu, Hung (41631994)
Pok Sze, Wong (42228034)
Wing Ki, Wong (41632591)
Wing Yee, Yeung (42573629)
On Yee, Yim (41632737)
Yik Shan, Chiang (42573521)
Ling Fu, Hung (41631994)
Pok Sze, Wong (42228034)
Wing Ki, Wong (41632591)
Wing Yee, Yeung (42573629)
On Yee, Yim (41632737)

2.Core Issues3
2.1.Geographic Limited in Hong Kong3
2.2.Lack of Environment Awareness in Hong Kong4
2.3.Insufficient Government Support5
3.Recommendation & Implication7
3.1.Geographic Limited in Hong Kong7
3.2.Lack of Environment Awareness in Hong Kong8
3.3.Insufficient Government Support9

1. Introduction
As we all know, urban sustainability is an absolutely great thing for all peoples who live in the city. However, we are questioned why it cannot fully execute in Hong Kong. We listed three core issues involve in achieving urban sustainability, which is geographic limited, lack of environment awareness and insufficient government support. We think that in order to achieve urban sustainability, both hardware and software support is need. At the later of the report, we hope to give recommendations on the above hardware and software issues in order to help Hong Kong achieving urban sustainability. 2. Core Issues

In the following part, we will explain and elaborate the core issues involve in achieving urban sustainability we listed on above. Some local examples will be given in order to support our statement. 3.1. Geographic Limited in Hong Kong

Hong Kong, we got a seriously lacking of land and large population. The population of Hong Kong in the end of 2011 was about 7,103,700 (Census and Statistics Department Hong Kong, 2012). However, the total land area of Hong Kong is just 1104.41 km2 (Lands Department, 2012). The population density is very high, which is 6544people/km2 (The Standard, 1999) (Urban Renewral Authority, 2012) (Census, 2012). The trend of population density is still increasing in a rapid rate as it was 6352people/km2 in 2006 and was even 6237people/km2 in 2001. The above data shows the urban “unsustainability rate” is higher than other country.

The usual policy of government is increasing the land by reclamation, mostly the reclamation in the Victoria harbor area in the past and Tung Chung area in the recent years. However, there are several disadvantages with reclamation such as extremely high cost and high influence to the ecosystem in the area. The development on limited land push us to develop our city in an unsustainability way.

Also, for example, the cost of reclamation of the third runway would be about HK$38.9billion and it would largely impact the Scour capability of the affected area, damaging the living area of Sousa Chinensis. However, comparing the cost of policies dealing with sustainability, it is still cheaper. The cost of Kwun Tong Town Centre Project is expected to be $HK 30billion.

Comparing with the reclamation project, which is to make a new area, the redevelopment of the existing area seems too expensive. Also the time needed for redeveloping an existing area is too long. The time allowed for the Kwun Tong Town Centre Project is 12 years. So these would also affect the achievements of urban sustainability in Hong Kong.

Moreover, due to the geographic limited, the urban form in Hong Kong has to be built very tightly. This no doubt blocks the fresh wind from the sea, which passively increased the air pollution problem. 3.2. Lack of Environment Awareness in Hong Kong

Comparing to the other countries, people who live in Hong Kong should be the top concerning of money in the world.

Also, the reason why we are over concerning on money is that we are worrying to the future. We worried on...
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