Urban Planning - an Islamic Perspective

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Islam offers solution in every aspect of life, as housing also would not left behind. However, the directions of application are not stated directly but there must be a deepened study and explanation by the Islamic scholars. To mention about Islam, as to make it simple, everything that provides convenience accordingly to the situation and condition is considered Islamic. In Islam, house is a place to rest, relax body and mind, enjoy legitimate worldly delights, worship, teach, learn and propagate the message of Islam. As Allah S.W.T said in Quran: “And Allah has made your habitations homes of rest and quite for you…”(An-Nahl:80) This assignment therefore will discuss on the characteristics that should be taken into account when considering housing design according to Islamic values and perspective. Those will be based on two assigned readings which written by Ahmed Farid Moustapha on ‘Islamic Values in Contemporary Urbanism’ and Majdah Zawawi on ‘Crime Prevention Through Safe City Planning: An Islamic Perspective’.

Chapter 5: Islamic Values in Contemporary Urbanism by: Ahmed Farid Moustapha. The author mentioned that rapid development in industrial activities has changed the nature of society pre-industrial age hoping those will be implemented in contemporary urban design. It was been highlighted that Islamic sharia, climatic constraints, local building materials, the social and economic situation and available technology are the influence factors. Furthermore, he added with the aspect of contemporary urbanism and later provides some proposals for the current design of urban area by incorporating Islamic value and principles. Summary

Currently, whether in eastern or western area, urban development has become a major issue in temporary society. Most of the government pay attention to the issue and spent most of their budget on new development project. The rapid development in industrial activities in particular has led to complex social, economic, technical and political transformations that have affected the value and the physical form of cities, town and village. In Islam, Sharia or Islamic Law presents all the basics, which define guidelines for human in life. The objective of Sharia is preservation, through the observation of its guidelines of: the spiritual contentment of man the physical and mental wellbeing of man and his descendants, and the correct way of dealing with property. All this is critical aim to creating the healthy and virtuous individual, family, society and eventually the ideal world. There have no doubt that these general principle have affected urbanism, since it is impossible to imagine preserving and developing the spiritual and mental capabilities of oneself and children, family and society as a whole, in polluted physical environment that has no organization or it spoilt by crime and evil. There have many factor affected by urban development in Muslim World, they are Islamic Sharia, Climate Constrains, Local Building Materials, The Social and Economic Situation and Available Technology. Urbanism in Islam are based on some Sharia Principle, Sacredness of family Life and the Support of Children, Limiting the Relationship of sexes Outside the family Circle, Protecting Rising and Educating Children, Public Health, Enjoyment of Life, Economy, Avoiding Squander. Muslim shapes their physical environment based on some principle where directly affecting urbanism, they are privacy, building heights, building form, external space, statues, pictures and monuments, architecture, social interaction. Present physical forms of Islamic cities are affected by some circumstances such as, economic development, new invention particularly the automobile and elevator, industry and population migration. Islamic Urbanism is the correct...
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