Urban Green Openspace Management Based on Good Governance in Jakarta City, Indonesia

Topics: Jakarta, Central Jakarta, East Jakarta Pages: 30 (6951 words) Published: February 13, 2011

Rustam Hakim
Department of Architecture,
Faculty of Built Environment Universiti Teknologi Malaysia – Malaysia. Email : rustam@trisakti.ac.id

Moch Sarofil Abu Bakar
Department of Landscape Architecture,
Faculty of Built Environment Universiti Teknologi Malaysia – Malaysia. Email : b-sarofil@utm.my

Foziah bt. Johar
Department of Urban and Regional Planning,
Faculty of Built Environment Universiti Teknologi Malaysia – Malaysia. Email : kjpbw@fab.utm.my


At the present time, the application of policy management of urban green open space of Jakarta have many weakness that caused by overlapping management. There are three institutions of management of urban green open space, those are Park Service (Dinas Pertamanan), Forest Service (Dinas Kehutanan), and Agricultural Service (Dinas Pertanian), which are all of them are under the scope of local government of DKI Jakarta.The management consist of several basic activities, including planning and controlling, organizing, human resources, coordination and financing. The prominent indicator associated with the managing urban green open space that related to the aspect of good governance (Responsif, Participatory, Transparant, Accountable, Consensus Oriented, Effective dan Efficient). The main problems is the lack of managements of urban green open space of DKI Jakarta. This was indicated by variety of critics coming from the members of society in DKI Jakarta about the function of it, where it will result the impact of environment.In the relation to that problem, there are two questions was raised: What kind of factors that hampered the management of the urban green open space? What caused the management of the urban green open space in DKI Jakarta unsuccessful? As the follow up of the questions above is giving the alternatives to solve that hampred, then, the question is, how is the alternative to management solve the lack of management of the urban green open space in DKI JakartaThe objective of study is getting the policy to manage the urban green open space in DKI Jakarta. The reflecting of the objective above was explained in the set of policy such as in the regulation and the institutional.

Key Words: Urban Management Green Open Space, Good Governance


1.1 Background

Jakarta, the capital city of the Republic of Indonesia – as stated in the DKI Jakarta’s Governor’s Authorization Letter number 1227 the year 1989 consists a land area of 650 km2 and an ocean area of 6,977.5 km², we can find over 110 islands spreadout in Thousan Island Regency. The northern part of Jakarta consists of ± 35 km coastal span as the estuary of 9 rivers, and 2 canals. Regional province administration of DKI Jakarta is divided into 5 municipalities, they are the following: Jakarta Pusat (Central Jakarta), Jakarta Utara (North Jakarta), Jakarta Selatan (South Jakarta), Jakarta Timur (East Jakarta), and Jakarta Barat (West Jakarta).

Jakarta’s development with all its activities set forth for development has caused a decrease in its environment quality and quantity. Physical development pushes forward toward maximum physical structure phenomena; meanwhile green openspace towards the minimum; with a tendency to change the face of nature. Green openspace in Jakarta can be categorized into 3 parts: parks green openspace, agricultural green openspace and conservation openspace. Each managed by institution in Jakarta’s government namely Parks Service, Agricultural Service and Forestry Service.

Green openspace has a very important role in protecting and enhancing the natural environment, also long term advantages (Scottish Executive Publications, 2006).

The advantages of Green openspace in cities according to Roseland, (1998), in view of economy aspects significantly decreases cost related to use of energy and water. Vegetation can control...
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