Urban Food Strategy

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  • Published: May 4, 2013
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Urban food and nutrition systems

food and nutrition system
the set of operations and processes involved in transforming raw materials into foods and transforming nutrients into health outcomes, all of which functions as a system within biophysical and sociocultural contexts. (Sobal, et al. 1998)

The global taco

from 'Permaculture: A Beginners Guide' by Graham Burnett

How do we measure effectiveness of urban food systems? • Health equity dimension • Sustainable urban food systems “3 days’ supply”

Portland Regional Food Economy

Food logistics

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Production Transport Processing Transport Retail Preparation Waste

Food deserts


Systems theory
• • • • • • • • takes a holistic perspective in examining system boundaries, delineating subsystems and their relationships considering relationships between systems Systems are viewed as sets of elements that function together as collective units. Boundaries exist between a system and its environment Systems may be more or less open or closedbecause of varying permeabilities Whole systems have properties greater than the sum of their component part Subsystems exist within systems. Systems are dynamic, with homeostatic processes that attempt to maintain stability when a change in one part of the system influences other portions of the system or adjustment to external influences occurs Materials, energy and information flow between parts of a system and its subsystems and between the system and its environment the concept of equifinality describes how an end state can be reached from different initial states through many possible paths

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Models of food systems
• • • • Food chain Food cycle Food web Food context

Not three different types of systems but three different ways of understanding systems

Food chain
• • • Food chain models focused on the flow of materials or...
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