Urban Development

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Water: Policy and Performance for Sustainable Development



India Infrastructure Report 2001
Issues in Regulation and Market Structure

India Infrastructure Report 2002
Governance Issues for Commercialization

India Infrastructure Report 2003
Public Expenditure Allocation and Accountability

India Infrastructure Report 2004
Ensuring Value for Money

India Infrastructure Report 2006
Urban Infrastructure

India Infrastructure Report 2007
Rural Infrastructure

India Infrastructure Report 2008
Business Models of the Future

India Infrastructure Report 2009
Land—A Critical Resource for Infrastructure

India Infrastructure Report 2010
Infrastructure Development in a Low Carbon Economy

Water: Policy and Performance for Sustainable Development

Infrastructure Development Finance Company


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List of Tables, Figures, and Boxes Foreword Acknowledgements List of Contributors List of Abbreviations Overview Piyush Tiwari and Ajay Pandey

viii xv xvii xix xxi xxix

Section I MACRO
1. 2. 3. A River Basin Perspective of Water Resources and Challenges Anju Gaur and Priyanie Amerasinghe Implications of Climate Change for Water Resources Management P.P. Mujumdar Opportunities for Trans-boundary Water Sharing in The Ganges, The Brahmaputra, and The Meghna Basins Mashfiqus Salehin, M. Shah Alam Khan, Anjal Prakash, and Chanda Gurung Goodrich A Million Revolts in the Making: Understanding Water Conflicts Suhas Paranjape and K.J. Joy Water Rights and the ‘New’ Water Laws in India: Emerging Issues and Concerns in a Rights Based Perspective Videh Upadhyay 3 18

29 44

4. 5.


Section II RURAL
6. Past, Present, and the Future of Canal Irrigation in India Tushaar Shah 69



7. 8. 9.

Groundwater Irrigation in India: Growth, Challenges, and Risks Vasant P. Gandhi and Vaibhav Bhamoriya Rainwater Harvesting for Irrigation in India: Potential, Action, and Performance Vasant P. Gandhi and Vaibhav Bhamoriya Water Management Institutions for Enhancing Water and Food Security: Designing for Better Adaptiveness Vaibhav Bhamoriya and Vasant P. Gandhi

90 118

134 151

10. Evolving Regulatory Framework for Rural Drinking Water: Need for Further Reforms Philippe Cullet 11. Changing Waterscapes in the Periphery: Understanding Peri-urban Water Security in Urbanizing India Anjal Prakash, Sreoshi Singh, and Vishal Narain


12. Provincial Water Access in China and India: A Comparative...
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