Urban Design as Social Control

Topics: Urban design, Daniel Burnham, City Pages: 2 (645 words) Published: March 10, 2013
The behaviour of a person is first developed in their own home in which it is where they first learn good values and proper conduct. This is where they learn values that they probably will carry as they grow up. And it determines how a person behaves in their adulthood. The physical environment is also said to be a factor for molding human behaviour. But this wasn’t given much attention and consideration before. People undervalued the influence that the physical environment can make. There are many types of structures in the environment that affects a person’s behaviour; the shape, the colour, the lines, the space and a lot more. Let’s focus on the space. What is space? “Space is a three-dimensional framework in which we can sense direction and quantify distances between objects or points.” It can be big and wide or small and narrow. These types of spaces affect people’s behaviour in different ways. Having a big and wide space can make a person feel relax and calm. With its monumental view, It makes people feel free to navigate, explore and roam around. Meanwhile, small spaces could give us an irritable feeling because it disables us to move freely. It limits us to do minimal actions. Narrow spaces, just like small spaces, could sometimes irritate people. It gives us a feeling of stiffness because of its straight view. But sometimes, narrow spaces could look exciting too. Just imagine looking at a very long narrow pathway, there is also this exciting feeling you get that makes you think what is waiting in the other side of the road, where does it lead, and what is in there. See, spaces could really give great influence.

In the article, “Urban Design as Social Control”, it talked about how the physical environment affect the behaviour of people. Before, urban planning and city design was said to be just for aesthetic functions only, that it was just for beauty and good taste. But now, the design, the management and the city...
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