Ur Mom

Topics: High school, American films, English-language films Pages: 1 (352 words) Published: March 13, 2013
Weslee Neace
The UnderDogs
Mike Lupica

This book is about twelve year old Will Tyler. His passion is football. Not only does he love the sport, he also is very good at it at it. Will has been excited to start seventh grade and the beginning of the new football season. His team lost the championship last year when he fumbled the ball just inches from the goal line. He wants to show everyone that he and his teammates can be the real champs this year.

The trouble is, not only might they not make it to the finals, they might not even make it onto the field. There is no money to pay for after school activities at the middle school this year, which means the sports program will have to be cut, beginning with football. Major cutbacks have already been made due to loss of money in previous years. This means the kids have no uniforms, because the old ones were worn out and thrown away, and their stadium is falling apart.

There are not even many kids left in town to play on the team. Most have moved away since the Forbes Flyer shoe factory shut down while forcing a number of families to move away to find work. A lot of them have moved to Castle Rock, the town just on the other side of the river, which is the home of their rival football team, the Castle Rock Bears. Businesses are going well there, and the kids have a new stadium and get new uniforms every year.

Facing a year without football, Will knows he has to do something to save the team. When he’s able to get money from an unlikely source, who is willing to pay for new uniforms, fixing the stadium, and all the other things needed to get the team back onto the field, he thinks his troubles are over. Unfortunately, loss of money isn’t the only thing threatening the season. Will finds a way to rescue the team, save his pride, and give the town something to cheer about this year.
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