Upv Testing on Steel Fiber

Topics: Concrete, Compressive strength, Portland cement Pages: 22 (3664 words) Published: December 2, 2012
Journal of Engineering and Development, Vol. 10, No. 3, September (2006)

ISSN 1813-7822

Effect of Addition of Steel Fiber on the Compressive
Strength of Composite Concrete Materials under High
Temperatures (Experimental & Statistical Work)
Asst. Lect. Sawsan Akram Hassan
Civil Engineering Department, College of Engineering

Al-Mustansiriya University, Baghdad, Iraq

This study presents the benefit gained from using steel fiber reinforcement on concrete mixture. The effect of fire on compressive strength is investigated. Two different tests, one of them is the non destructive test which is the ultrasonic pulse velocity (UPV) test and the other is the destructive compression test, are carried out using (10cm) cubs. Forty-eight cubes (half of them are with steel fiber reinforcement of fiber/concrete ratio of (0.01) by volume and the remaining cubes are without fiber reinforcement) are heated to temperature levels of (100,200,300,400,500,600 and 700°C). Then after specimens are air cooled and (UPV) test is done, the specimens are destructively tested. The results indicated that the addition of steel fiber increases the compressive strength at all tested heating levels with a maximum percentage increase of (56.9%) at temperature level (500°C) in spite of that they have the same behavior but the residual compressive strength decreases with the addition of steel fiber for the tested heating levels lower than (400°C) and increases for the heating levels above this degree. Statistical analysis are done to find mathematical relationships to predict some variables of fibrous reinforced


‫الدراسة الحالٌة تتسلط الضوء على الفائدة الحاصلة من استعمال تسلٌح األلٌاا الفوذيٌاة اً تلوولو ٌاا الخرسااوة‬ ‫حٌث بحث تأثٌر الحرارة على مقاومة اوضغاطها.ا ري ووعان من الفحص احدهما ذاتال ً وهاو حاص سارعة األماوا‬ .)10 cm(‫(واألخر إتال ً باستعمال وماي ملعبة بطول ضلع‬UPV) ‫وق الصوتٌة‬ )0.01(‫تم تسخٌن(84) وموي (وصفها مقواة بألٌا الفوذي بوسبة ح مٌة لأللٌا الفوذيٌة إلى الخرسااوة مقادارها‬ 100,200,300,400,500,600,and ( ً‫والوماي األخار المتبقٌاة رٌار مقاواة) إلاى مساتوٌار مان در اار الحارارة ها‬ .‫007) در ة سٌلٌزٌة. حصر الوماي ذ اتال ٌا بعد تبرٌدها بتعرٌضها للهواء ثم حصر اتال ٌا‬ ‫بٌور الوتائج إن إضا ة األلٌا الفوذيٌة ٌزٌد من مقاومة اذوضغاط ً لل مستوٌار در ار الحرارة التاً يٌسار‬ ‫ٌها بأعلى وسبة زٌادة مقدارها (%9.65) من تلك رٌار المقاواة عواد در اة حارارة (005) در اة ساٌلٌزٌة باالررم مان إن‬ ‫لهما وفس السلوك وللن وسبة ما تبقى من المقاومة بعد الحرق من المقاومة األصلٌة ٌقل بإضا ة األلٌاا الفوذيٌاة عواد لال‬ ‫مستوٌار در ار الحرارة األيل من (004) در اة ساٌلٌزٌة للوهاا تازداد بعاد تلاك الدر اة. ا اري تحلٌال إحصاائً للوتاائج‬ .‫إلٌ اد عاليار رٌاضٌة تربط عدة متغٌرار للخرساوة المقواة باأللٌا بتلك رٌر المقواة‬

1. Introduction

The fibrous reinforced concrete is a composite materials essentially consisting of concrete reinforced by random placement of short discontinuous, and discrete fine fibers of 60

Journal of Engineering and Development, Vol. 10, No. 3, September (2006)

ISSN 1813-7822

specific geometry [1-4]. When concrete members including that reinforced by fibers are exposed to high temperatures as in the case of accidental fires, the material properties and consequently the structural behavior could be damaged. The degree of damage depends on several factors, such as the temperature level to which concrete is exposed and exposure duration [5]. In some cases the building members deteriorate to such a limit, at which reconstruction becomes the only available choice. In other cases only repairing is needed. The decision of reconstruction or repairing depends on the evaluation of the adequacy of structural members after high temperature exposure, which needs an accurate assessment to the residual compressive strength. The prediction of the residual concrete strength can be done by many ways such as the destructive and non destructive tests. Another way of prediction can be done by finding general...
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