Upsr and Pmr Examinations Should Be Abolished

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UPSR and PMR examinations should be abolished
Education is an ongoing and continuous process to develop knowledge, skills, mores and norms. Napoleon Hill states that education comes from your within, you get it by struggle, effort and thought. According to the Oxford Paperback Dictionary and Thesaurus, the word examination can be defined as the process of assigned or being responsible for marking, assessing testing and evaluating capability of a candidate according to the standards set by the Ministry. Meanwhile, the term abolishment brings denotation the act of destroying completely a practice or a system. Nowadays, we could find students are studying only for their exams. Hence, the Education director General, Tan Sri Aliimuddin Md Dom said that the country¶s education system has been too exam oriented and change should be made immediately to make the National Education Philosophy is effective enough in human capital development. Thus, the government has made a proposal to the public that UPSR and PMR should be abolished and examinations are being replaced with school based assessments. As government made the proposal, many voices are heard as there are different perspectives and opinions from the public as this abolishment has both pros and cons. First and foremost, Moreover, students do not have enough time to play or to involve in extra co-curricular activities. Students are being pressured by their parents to keep study all the time, thus they become human robots soon. We do not want nerdy students who stick to books and too rigid. In contrary, we want all-rounders, those students who excel both in curriculum and co-curriculum. Without both UPSR and PMR examinations, students could possibly have ample time to spend for outdoor and leisure activities without hesitation. Bernama¶s reports have shown that examinations prevent students from focusing on outdoor activities such as sports as they burn midnight oil, study day and night to pass the exams. With a single public examination, which is SPM, the teachers and students are able to give more attention and focus on how to improve creativity, interaction between educators and learners and involve in co-curricular activities and sports. The actual purpose, goal and target of education has been discarded and neglected. On the other hand, some parties still agree to the proposal. They feel that examinations are merely heavy burden upon students. Students and parents are only concerned on the number of A¶s they obtain in exams. Parents will reprimand their kids severely if they fail to pass their exams with flying colors and even neglected them when they did not get many A¶s. Thus, kids undergo depression and stress. In addition, examination only made the students to study blindly day and night. Normally, students will race to see who got the highest marks and the first rank, but they failed to see the real purpose of education. Education without values, as useful it is, seems rather to make a man to become a more clever devil (C. S. Lewis, n.d.). Hence, we fail to achieve the goal of education. It is not necessary when you score straight A¶s in exams, you are smart enough. With examinations, it is impossible to achieve holistic education in our country, where students stand a chance to develop both knowledge, application of knowledge and nurturing of moral values. And this abolishment of public examinations is a part of government¶s plan to restructure the Malaysian Education System. In addition, public examinations are being replaced with school based assessments. These assessments are helpful for teachers in evaluating student¶s performance and to test their depth of understanding in the subject matter. Examinations are nightmares and seem to be threatening for students, as they feel really depressed and tensed. Examinations are supposed to be fun for students, but there is no use of having it when it cause too much of sufferings for students. Schools are only concerned...
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