Upside to Anger Psych Review

Topics: Resentment, Aggression, Anger Pages: 2 (526 words) Published: July 23, 2008
I watched the movie The Upside of Anger. The main theme or premise of the movie was about the effect that anger and resentment can have on someone. According to Popeye, the youngest of Terry’s four daughters and narrator of the film, Terry Wolfmeyer is the "nicest, sweetest woman." However, she quickly transforms into an angry shrew when her husband, Gray, apparently runs off to Sweden with his secretary. Anger over her abandonment impairs her judgment as she refuses even to contact Gray to hear his part of the story. To take the edge off her pain, she becomes the drinking buddy and then the lover of Denny, a family friend and boozy ex-baseball player who hosts a radio sports show. Their relationship seems supportive, but abrasive until a quirk of fate reveals what really happened to her husband. At the end of the movie we find out that Terry’s husband actually fell into a well in the forest in their backyard and died three years earlier.

Anger is an emotion associated with a desire to harm people or drive them away. In the movie, Terry tries to drive everyone away. She drives away her daughters, and she drives away Denny by being an angry, unpleasant woman. According to the frustration-aggression hypothesis, the main cause of anger is frustration. And obstacle that stands in the way of doing something or obtaining some expected reinforcer. For Terry, she is frustrated at the fact that she cannot get the nerve to call her husband Grey and find out his side of the story. This leads her to be angry at him and herself for never getting the whole story. Frustration makes you angry only when you believe the other person acted intentionally. Terry thinks that her husband got up in the middle of the night and ran off to Sweden, and purposely never called his family. So Terry feels that he intentionally acted this way. Alcohol abuse is highly associated with violence and anger. Terry tried to forget everything and comatose herself by drinking...
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