Upside of Anger

Topics: Family, Mother, Father Pages: 4 (1638 words) Published: December 2, 2012
Grey Wolf Meyer disappeared from his family and the mother Terry believes that he has run off with his Swedish secretary after an argument. She was described as the nicest person ever until the father disappeared. She began abusing alcohol and has a very short temper. They have 4 girls that seemed to have a tight bond with the father. The mother’s relationship with the girls started suffering because of her drinking and neglecting her household responsibilities. She sits on the couch in night clothing drinking all day. The girls had to take on a lot of the chores and doing things for themselves. Denny is the next door neighbor that comes looking for Mr. Grey to sell some land and becomes a drinking buddy for Terry, which upsets Hadley. She thinks the mother is sleeping with Denny after just finding out their father left. . He is an ex baseball player turned radio disc jockey. Hadley graduates from college and becomes pregnant and gets engaged without telling her mother. Andy isn’t interested in going to college and her father agreed with her. This upset Terry because she is a big believer in higher education. Andy no longer has her father to help support her decision. Denny gets her a job working at the radio station where her works and she starts dating her boss. Emily wants to be a dancer and go to a school of the arts and her mother doesn’t support her idea. She thinks those types of schools are a waste of time and money. Emily doesn’t believe her mother likes her or is proud of her. She develops an eating problem and ends up in the hospital with Bulimia. Lavender hates her father for leaving and blames him for changing her mother’s attitude. She experiments with marijuana and wants to sleep with her friend Gordon. Even thou Gordon is gay, she ask him to sleep with her to prove it. Terry feels that even thou her life is falling apart she still needs to be in control of her daughters lives. Denny and Terry become very close and Denny forms a bond with the...
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