Topics: Rooms, Hotel, The Profit Pages: 2 (848 words) Published: May 16, 2013
Up selling is a valuable technique for increasing growth and profitability of a hotel. Up selling is where you suggest an additional product or service which can also increase the customer satisfaction. This is also a way to expose customer to other options that they might not have considered. There are many techniques of up selling to create a trusting relationship with the guests and meet the expectation of the guests which will bring in more profit to the hotel. Up selling starts from the moment the guests make their reservations with our hotel no matter through telephone or at the reception. During reservation, we will demonstrate the value that the guests received. For example, when we induce the guests to purchase upgrades or other add-ons, they will be informed on the services that they will receive and we will give them information as specific as possible. We will also inquire if there is anything else that they will need during their stay. Furthermore, services of parking, airport transfer, guided tour, special offers such as spa vouchers, romantic packages and etc are offered to the guests upon requests. Nowadays, many people are more concern about their health. For such reason, our hotel started to offer scented tea to the guests upon their arrival. When the guests step into our hotel and waiting for check-in at the waiting area, our hotel will provide them a cup of scented tea. Besides that, we also offer them a small card which introduces the benefits and function of the scented tea. In the small card, we also stated the prices of various scented teas and the room service number to the guests so they can order it in their room if they want to have more. The purpose of offering to the guests a cup of scented tea when they check-in to our hotel is to let them feel intimate when they step in to our hotel. During their stay, our hotel provides them with a special rate when they dine in our restaurant, café or bar as a hotel guest. They will be able...
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