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  • Published : April 15, 2012
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Laura Sandoval Martín
Gestión del Conocimiento

1. What external factors affect international operations in UPS? How do these factors cause UPS to adjust its operations?

It took several years to build the International system and it presented its own unique challenges. They are in an international market now which is one of their key areas of concern. In some of the areas that they address there are cultural differences that usually are evident such as the data, time, currency, measurements. However, there are a number of other items that have to be considered such as icons that you use that could be offensive in certain countries versus other countries, also technical areas such as hardware area for instance keyboard, mapping and so on. So there are a number of other items that have to be considered external of the actual application itself.

2. Explain how ISPS facilitates the ability of UPS to ship packages internationally.

In 1986 UPS committed significant financial resources (1.5 billion dollars) to building the necessary technological infrastructure to support its growing business. To serve the unique information needs of an expanding international marketplace UPS developed the International Shipments Processing System or ISPS. Vice president of information services recognizes the opportunities of international package movement. He said: “You can’t move packages across international borders the same way you move packages across states. Customers were already satisfied with just moving merchandise from point A to point B. They had opportunities to offer customers services that no one had yet imagined in the area: better delivery, more information.” The system transmits data about each day shipments hours or even days before the packages arrive at customs. The customs’ office can take the information and process the necessary paperwork so that when the actual parcels arrive they can quickly pass through.

3. Describe the role that the...
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