Ups Case Study

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Organizational Leadership

UPS Case Study

1. Jovita Carranza used various skills throughout her career at UPS that developed her into a great a leader. Jovita was always eager to accept new challenges as well as opportunities. She was not picky about the opportunities she was given and accepted them because she knew she could learn from them. She surrounded herself with other employees that shared the same dedication and vision of the company, which made teamwork very effective. One of Jovita’s main characteristics was her commitment; she always took the approach that you will succeed if you work hard and have a positive outlook. Jovita was also willing to learn from her mistakes as well as others.

2. Jovita started as a part-time clerk for UPS and worked her way up to vice president of UPS Air Operations by learning from experience. Her experience as a leader was helped by the action-observation-reflection process. She would act upon her experience, observe the consequences of her actions, and then reflect on the significance and meaning of the experience. She was always willing to learn from her mistakes as well as others. Carranza stated, “Sit back and observe, you learn more by not speaking. Intelligent people learn from their own experiences; with wisdom, you from other people’s mistakes. “

3. Jovi ta demonstrated all of the skill needed to be a successful leader. She had to be smart and analytical in order to succeed. She had to take risks when choosing opportunities that got her where she is today. She had to be persuasive and work well with others that were just as committed as her. One of the main things that Jovita had to do was learn from her experiences as well as others.
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