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  • Published : October 11, 2012
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In today’s day and age I don’t think any business would be successful without having a website. Website is a dynamic tool in the market for you to both acquire and service your clients. It enables one to make information easily available about themselves as well as the products and services they plan to offer. I believe website is a critical component of success for any business since it provides several advantages for example: Communicate using E-mail

Efficient, interactive channel for communicating with customers and suppliers Efficient form of internal communication
Customers can be kept informed of changes to your business through electronic newsletters Establish your presence in the global marketplace
In the virtual world of the internet, your website is the virtual shop front to your business. You can provide your (prospective) clients with up to date information about you business Updates are instantly available to everybody, at a relatively small cost (no printing or postage) Market your business online:

Reinforce corporate and brand identity. Make your existing investment in marketing go further Advertise services and products
Collect e-mail addresses and other information through your website E-Commerce: Open all hours
Your business can be 'open all hours'
Reduced transaction costs through online orders and, ultimately, payment Optional supply chain integration, streamlining your business

Running rooms can provide customer service by using the traditional way of sending direct mails and telephone call but I believe it will not be as efficient

I don’t believe the Running Room’s website creates a barrier to entry for its potential competitors. A website as explained is a critical component of success for any business competitors can look at Running Room’s website and can understand how it plays a major role in their success. 4 )

The mission of Running Room as it was founded by John Stanton’s to buy the right product for...
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