Ups's Ipo

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1. What are the key success factors & risks for UPS given its business strategy?
Key success factors:
* Over $3 billion in global revenues over 200 countries was generated in 1998. * The US there would be the $100 billion surpass on spent annually on catalog sales by 2003 online B2C sales. * UPS began offering suppliers a portfolio of financial services & logistic technology software applications designed to help them better manage their inventory and shipping logistic.

* Competitive challenges from postal monopolies.
* Rapidly changing environment at an unprecedented rate
2. How is UPS performing? What factors are driving this performance? Is the current performance likely to be sustained? Why or why not? Performance of UPS:
* 13 million packages were delivered each business day to over 200 countries worldwide. * Contacting with 1.8 million customers and making deliveries to 6 million business and residential addresses daily. * In 1999, was recognized as the “World’s Most Admired Global Mail, Package and Freight Delivery Company” and “Company of the Year”. Factors driving:

* Operational and service-excellence culture
* Carefully trained workforces.
* Accountability and efficient execution at every level of the organization. Current performance is likely to be sustained as it is believed that UPS’s combination of “controls, rules, a detailed union contract, and carefully studied work methods…help guarantee the customer reliable, low cost service. 3. How is FedEx performing? How, if at all, do its performance and plans affect your assessment of the sustainability of UPS’s current performance? Performance of FedEx

* A $17 billion global transportation and logistics enterprise. * By the late 1990s, FedEx moved over 3 million packages each day, with the ability to reach virtually every business address in the US and almost every country around the world within 24 hours.

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