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Topics: Romance, A Walk to Remember Pages: 4 (1265 words) Published: May 15, 2013

The story begins with Rebecca preparing for a date with a guy named Ben, whom she met the other day. Rebecca’s wall is plastered with romantic movie posters, romantic quotes, and posters of her celebrity crushes. Her bookshelves are filled with romantic novels. On the bus, she reads Nicholas Sparks’ A Walk to Remember. She meets Ben at the movie theatre, and Rebecca insists on watching a romantic movie. Rebecca’s over-enthusiasm while watching the movie annoys Ben, and he ends up walking out of the movie. Rebecca looks like she’s going to chase after him, but she decides to finish the movie instead. Rebecca then goes home and crosses Ben’s name off a very long list of boy’s names.

The next day, Rebecca attends volleyball training with Faith, her best friend, and the coach announces that they have to qualify for Regionals to be scouted by a University Varsity Team to get into an athletic scholarship. The coach talks to Rebecca privately and tells her that she is a regular on the team because of her talent, and if she wants to be good enough for the scholarship, she has to work hard, too.

After their practice, they stay in the locker room and Rebecca tells Faith all about her failed date. Faith cuts her off and reveals that she is cheating on Nick, her boyfriend, with Tyler, a guy she met in an online chat room. Rebecca isn’t happy about Faith lying to Nick, because Nick is also one of her best friends. Faith tells her that she will deal with Nick later, so Rebecca should keep her affair with Tyler a secret. She then encourages Rebecca to find a potential boyfriend online. She announces that they are having a sleepover that night for Rebecca to do so. Before going home, they watch Nick play football with his team. He never scores goals, but he’s always the player to pass the ball to the person who scores the goal.

Later that evening, Rebecca joins a chat room website and creates a personal profile, which she can send out, if she wishes to,...
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