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Topics: Up, Pixar, Family Pages: 2 (633 words) Published: December 12, 2012
Christiana Scott
Cathryn Daniels
English 1301
07 December 2012
The scene opens up with Mr. Frederick finding his late wife’s scrapbook of her adventures and flash backing to when he first met her. They talk about an amazing explorer who went to explore “The Land Lost In Time”; the girl makes him promise to take her there. They meet up every day in the clubhouse that eventually becomes their home after the wed. the clubhouse is an old run down house that has been abandoned, once it has been bought by the newlyweds, they fix it up to become the house she had imagined as a child, bright and colorful, representing hope and youth.

Their wedding audience was split right in half with his family on one side and hers on the other. His family is wearing dull boring colors and claps without enthusiasm, while as her side jumps screams cheers for them and couldn’t be happier; the contrast couldn’t be greater. On their wedding day he takes her to the clubhouse where they first met and now has a SOLD sign on it, indicating he bought it. They start work immediately to make it their dream house. The house holds many memories of their childhood and where there love first started. Mr. Frederick comes from a very uptight family and she comes from a very bubbly family. It shows that even to people from completely different families and yet end up together in the end. Throughout all of this, there no dialogue, just music and film; it adds an effect that dialogue cannot portray. It is mainly string instruments when happy moments come along, but when a sad or depressing moment comes along the mood of the song completely changes. The instrumentals get darker and sound sorrowful, depicting everything through music. Even if you were just listening to the music, you would know when something good or bad was happening. All in this one scene, it goes through him and his late wife’s relationship, from the time theuy met to the day she passed away and where it comes back to the...
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