Up in the Yangtze Film Critic

Topics: Three Gorges Dam, Yangtze River, Hubei Pages: 3 (842 words) Published: December 11, 2011
* Leslie L.

* Film Log
* Up in the Yangtze
* The building of The Three Gorges Dam along the Yangtze River has brought negative impacts and problems to the nearby residences that have been occupying the areas for generations. The documentary, Up In the Yangtze, reveals the life of one particular family that was extremely affected by the dam project. The population that is most negatively affected by the Three Gorges Dam is the residents and cities that have resided by the Yangtze River for a very long time. Like the protagonist, Cindy, and her family, many of them are peasant families living below the poverty line, uneducated, and use the river to farm. The dam has caused water level to increase in the Yangtze and is flooding cities and residential areas. Families are forced to relocate when they can least afford to. The Chinese government has been very inconsiderate and unfair towards Cindy’s family and many others during the planning and construction of the dam. The dam has even created a cruise and tour line for foreigners to see the development and remains of cities before they diminish. Chinese government has economically profited from this project and is in full control of natural resources and land, but the residents are left without any resources or a solution to their living arrangements. Families are faced with sacrifices they have to make for a new lifestyle; for Cindy, she has no choice but to quit school and work on a cruise ship to send money home for her parents. *

* When wealthy westerners arrive on a cruise ship to witness the effects of the Three Gorges Dam, they are censored from the struggling lives of families and cities. Instead, they are introduced to a lavish lifestyle on the ship and are given a tour that reveals the new spacious apartments and told by tour guides that many of the relocates are compensated with better living arrangements and are happy. Foreigners are exposed to a lie because families...
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