Up in the Air

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  • Published : August 5, 2010
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Up in the Air # 7
In the film Up in the Air there are many dynamic relationships. We first see the main character in the work place; his name is Ryan Bingham and his job is corporate downsizing. Ryan travels all over the country 322 days a year and fires people. He lives a very isolated existence by choice, his second job as a motivational speaker is not very motivational at all. He goes through all of the steps of his speech like hitting targets. His message is one of removing emotional and access baggage. He feels he has everything under control until two women enter his life for two totally different purposes, but they both have lasting effects on him.

Natalie Keener is a young, over achieving woman. She has a plan for the company to save money and become more efficient. She plans to pitch the idea of firing employees via video chat. This idea would cut back on travel time, downsize on the company’s employees and cut cost to virtually nothing. Ryan does not like the idea of this change in the company because it means he will be grounded. The thrill of his job is the travel and without that he would have to come home to his empty cold apartment far too often. Not only that, but he would not be able to reach his goal of ten million frequent flyer miles. Ryan takes Natalie under his wing and shows her the ins and outs of his job and what an important asset he is. He shows how the face to face contact helps ease the pain of losing one’s job.

Through out his travels, Ryan meets a fierce woman his age, Alex, who seems to be the perfect woman for him. She racks up just as many miles as he does, keeps a tidy packed bag, and seems to love the life in the air. The two get caught up in a love affair sharing intimate moments with one another. Their relationship is meaningful to Ryan as he looks forward to meeting up with her when planning his next trips. We see a change in Ryan from the beginning of the movie as he moves towards having genuine feelings for Alex,...
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