Up Cebu Tuition Fee

Topics: Philippines, Constitution of the Philippines, Education Pages: 6 (2052 words) Published: February 5, 2012
Dy, Danielle Marie C.
Palmera, Erica Jean
PolSci 11 Term Paper

I. Introduction

As a high school senior, students often ponder on which college to apply to after graduation. A lot of factors are being considered like: availability of their preferred course, proximity to where you live, quality education and even personal concerns with friends and family. Unfortunately, for someone living in a third world country, the main factor they have to consider is the tuition fee of the school. A fourth year high school student had heard that the University of the Philippines gives quality education and is cheap for is it a government-subsidized university. His family, a farmer, and his mother, a housewife, decided not to send him to college but when he presented to them about UP, they considered it. Upon enrollment, they found out the tuition was more than they could afford because they have to pay the basic tuition fee while waiting for the approval of STFAP to Bracket E2. When the bracket assignment came, he discovered that he was assigned to Bracket D. Because of this conflict, his siblings sacrificed not studying so that he can proceed to college. He felt guilty about this situation. His guilt resulted to anger towards his school, UP Cebu. He does not know that a lot of students are in the same situation as well. Could the poverty issue be the reason why some UP Cebu students complain about the tuition? Based on observation, some Filipinos do not fight for their rights because they are not fully aware of their own. This paper aims to make students aware of their right to education and expression and to inform other people who may be interested to know about the topic. As UP students, it is good to know the different issues that are happening not only because it involves our own community but also because it ill affect the future generations. Before moving on, let the researchers define the STFAP principle of the University of the Philippines. The STFAP or the Socialized Tuition and Financial Assistance Program is an Alphabetic Bracketing Scheme (ABC) used to determine the tuition rate and/or benefits that each student must pay and/or receive. It operates in such a way that a student must prove his/her incapacity to pay the full cost of UP education to be able to receive tuition discounts and/or stipends and other benefits. And defining a third world country, this refers to the developing countries. According to Heywood (2007), these were the countries that were economically dependent and suffered severe poverty. These were also the countries that produced 18 percent of the world’s GDP with 52 percent of the world’s population. This term paper is focused on the perspectives of a sample of UP Cebu students regarding the tuition fee that UP gives. Due to time constraints of approximately eighteen days and the budget the researchers have, our data is only limited to print sources available at the UP Cebu library, interviews from a sample of UP Cebu students, and available related resources on the Internet. According to Heywood (2007), a constitution is a set of rules that seek to establish the duties, powers and functions of the various institutions of the government. He even added that constitutions are rules that govern the government itself. This paper uses constitutionalism as an approach. Through the theory of constitutionalism, which means a set of political values and aspirations that reflect the desire to protect liberty through the establishment of internet and external checks on government power (Heywood, 2007), it proves that the UP Cebu students have the right to complain, and most especially the right to accessible quality education. To achieve the main goal of knowing why some UP Cebu students complain about the tuition fee, it is best to get first-hand information. On-the-spot interviews were conducted from a sample of students per course....
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