Up and Dorothy Day with Road to Emmaus

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Comparison of Movies with Road to Emmaus
Both “Up” and “Dorothy Day” share many similarities to “The Road to Emmaus.” All three are stories of a spiritual journey, all going through these journeys in different ways. However, all three go with others through the journey. They a mentor joins and teaches them. Following that, there usually is an invitation for the mentor to become more involved in a person’s life. The teaching becomes an “aha” moment, where the people on the journey now understand something they did not before. Finally, the people tell others what they have heard. These elements make up a spiritual journey and each story studied has followed these elements.

In “The Road to Emmaus,” the journey begins with two people who, travelling to Emmaus meet their mentor, Jesus, but did not recognize him. The travelers are surprised this man has not heard everything that had been happening and the rumors going on regarding Jesus of Nazareth who was condemned and was supposed to be dead but he was not at his tomb the next morning but was alive according to angels. Jesus called the travelers foolish for believing what the prophets had declared. Eventually all three of them came to the village and when seeing Jesus, the travelers’ mentor, walking on, they invited him to stay with them. At a dinner they recognized him as Jesus when he broke the bread and gave it to them. At the end of the story, they told others. This is the typical spiritual journey story for the travelers. It follows all of the elements and continues on through more time. “Up” and “Dorothy Day” follow this spiritual journey pattern as well.

Like the “Road to Emmaus,” “Dorothy Day” follows a similar spiritual journey. She goes through ups and downs in the beginning of her life having abortions and other life-changing events. Finally, she meets her mentor Peter and he teaches her about the Bible and helps her pursue her interests in helping those less fortunate. Dorothy continues working for...
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