Uop Gen195 Foundations of University Studies Week 3 Team Assignment

Topics: Want, Reading comprehension, Reading Pages: 3 (637 words) Published: May 21, 2011
* How do your surroundings affect your reading comprehension? How might you minimize distractions while you are reading for your class assignments? *
* Our surroundings while reading play a big part in comprehension. If your in a loud and distracting atmosphere you won't understand what your reading. Being in a quiet and peaceful atmosphere helps you concentrate more. I can minimize distractions by turning off my phone, reading alone, and avoiding everything. *


* How might you apply each of the four steps in the system of textbook reading, located on pp. 108122 (Ch 6-7) of the text, to reading text on your computer? *
First, I would preview by outlining a list of the headings and sub-headings listed in the text for a better understanding of what the text is based upon. Next, I read the text for the first time and around my second mark any and all key ideas that stand out to me and what I feel are important according to the text in general. So I can take the time out to handle my work without any complications I go to a peaceful area where there are no distractions of any form that may delay me from my work, so I may concentrate. Finally, I review the information that I've gathered studying over it slowly but gradually to ensure I prevent myself from cramming my head with too much information so that I do not forget for the future times that are to come. *

* According to the information on pp. 112–113 (Ch 6) of the text, what are the purposes of using primary sources in academic writing? What strategies might you use to improve reading comprehension of primary sources? *

* The easiest way to improve comprehension of any subject it to get other books that describe better in detail than a class textbook and use them in conjunction with the textbook. Use them to look up parts that you...
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