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  • Published : July 13, 2012
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Cold War and Communism

June 23, 2012
The Library of Congress lists Duck and Cover as one of the most significant films of all time. Produced by Archer Films, the 9-minute movie was designed to teach children what to do in case of a nuclear attack. View the film at www.archive.org/details/DuckandC1951.

Write a 300- to 350-word paper in which you consider what it would have been like to live under the threat of nuclear war. Compare and contrast it to living under the threat of terrorism. Format your paper according to APA guidelines.

Nuclear threat and terrorists threats are prevalent attacks still being used to force fear into a society. They are similar in ways by deterring economic growth and forcing governments to reevaluate and have to manipulate their defensive stance against an attack. Terrorist’s attacks normally occur on a small scale and often times force a regime to retaliate in full-scale war. The attacks on Pearl Harbor and the World Trade building in New York were two recently devastating attacks still vivid in most Americans minds. The attacks mentioned were not only lethal and invasive, but served the purpose to create a panic in the attacked society and lessened the confidence of its government and military. Nuclear attacks have been a threat to American soil and many other countries since before the Cold War. During a nuclear attack there are two levels of failure a society can achieve: partial failure and/or complete failure. Partial failure can result in a controlled attack limiting civilian losses and damages. A full scale nuclear attack would devastate any political regime and most likely end a vast population of all life. Fortunately there have been no nuclear attacks aimed at and carried out toward the United States of America, but the threat is always viable and intent can be found many places. The military and government in place today have taken on an extreme task trying to keep civilians safe from all attacks, but being...
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