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  • Published : October 3, 2013
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“If you want others to be happy, practice compassion. If you want to be happy, practice compassion.” This is a very wise and true quote said by the Dalai Lama. One that took me a long time to accept and later embrace. In the last six months I have endured many hardships and out of it all have learned many valuable lessons. But the most important of those lessons was that happiness is gained through love and compassion. This lesson took me a very long time to learn. Previous to my unwind journey you would have never thought I would ever believe in something such as compassion or love.

Before any thoughts of me being unwound entered my life I had very few feelings for anyone but myself. I would get into lots of fights and thought that i could solve my problems with my fists. Turns out thats not a very accepted way of solving things. So i was sent off to disciplinary school. This angered me, especially the fact that my parents would let my be taken away to some dumb school full of idiots. My parents and I were never that close. In fact they didn’t even have the guts to tell their own son about his unwinding. But then again I was never really close with anyone. The only person who I really cared about was Ariana. But at the last minute even she bailed on me. For the majority of my childhood I was very disconnected from people in general. Sitting alone on a ledge behind an exit sign next to the road was where I felt most comfortable. Alone, thats what I was and thats what I thought I would forever be.

But slowly I realized that I wasn’t alone and being cared for and caring for others can be good. I may not have seen this change in me happening at the time, but it was. Looking back I can think of many occasions where this change was noticeable. First thing that happened was when I found a storked baby and actually took it without even thinking. It was as if a little voice in my head was yelling at me, “Connor you must take this baby! It is your duty!” Of course it...
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