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  • Published : April 24, 2012
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Brandon Rizzo
November 15, 2011
Religion Mod G
Unwind vs. Church
Right to life

Throughout the twentieth century many controversial topics have sprung up but none more important than the right to life issue. With topics like murder, genocide, abortion, euthanasia and willful suicide that all violate the integrity of the human, there is no wonder why there is controversy. So discussing and arguing this topic, our class read Unwind by Neal Shusterman. Shusterman describes a future Second Civil War in the United States, also known as the "Heartland War." Shusterman imagines a world in which debates over abortion ultimately lead to armed conflict, in which pro-choice and pro-life armies clash. Eventually the country abolishes abortion and coming from this abolished law came a new law called “storking”, where a child left on a door step, wanted or not, must be taken care of by the family that owns the house, that is, until the child turns thirteen years old. An unwanted child can be “unwound”. Unwinding is retroactively aborted, where the child thirteen to eighteen are not exactly killed, but allowing their body parts to live on. The Catholic Church feels that all life is sacred. The dignity of the human person is the foundation of a moral vision for society. Direct attacks on innocent persons are never morally acceptable, at any stage or in any condition. Who is right, the Catholic Church or Neal Shusterman and the book Unwind on the right to life issues?

The Catholic Church views on right to life are very understandable in the fact that it is our body and nobody else’s but at the same time just because it is our life does not mean we get to choose when it is time to leave. “If we live, we are responsible to the Lord, and when we die we are responsible to the Lord. Both in life and in death we belong to the Lord"(Romans 14:18), because the fact of the matter is that we were brought into this world by God, yes, but we did not decide when we came into...
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