Unwanted Pregnancy in the Philippines

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Tips for Coping With an Unplanned Pregnancy
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An unexpected pregnancy often constitutes an absolute shock for women, followed by an array of overwhelming emotions and stress. Difficult as it may be, an impending pregnancy can be coped with, women having to keep in mind that all future decisions do count tremendously, requiring a much needed reflective attention.Dealing With EmotionsThe first stage after finding out about the pregnancy is a highly emotional one. Many women panic and start collecting negative emotions of guilt, a state of mind which is worsen by the crisis of fast decision making. Mothers-to-be need to learn that the primary way of coping with an unexpected pregnancy is to release all emotions, whatever they are. Sadness, anger, confusion are often felt by women who are not prepared to have a baby. Getting everything out is crucial before doing anything else, and women should know that whatever they’re feeling is perfectly normal and does not make them a bad person.Unplanned pregnancies do occur even if all precaution measures were taken. Nothing is 100% certain as condoms do break, birth control pills are sometimes inefficient, even vasectomies or tubal litigations do not ensure a pregnancy-free sexual activity. Such scenarios or a simple misjudgment can happen, and however women may feel about the prospects of motherhood, they need to face their emotions and take responsibility for the pregnancy.Getting SupportUnexpected pregnancies are not events that should be dealt with alone. Instead, women should share their thoughts on this experience and surround themselves with a supportive group of people. The order on whom to tell first is not the same for all women. New mothers need to be around positive people in whom they can confide without being criticized, badly judged and pressurized into taking certain actions. Getting support is extremely important in the immediate stage after finding out about...
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