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UNV 103: Module 7 Journal Entry Form

Strategy Planning

To reflect on what you have read or studied so far in a course is an essential part of understanding. This journal entry form will provide a place for you to take some time and reflect on the prompt below:

Use this form to complete this week’s entry:

Imagine your friend is now a new student at GCU. Your friend is asking you some questions about GCU and UNV 103. Answer your friend’s questions and recommend some strategies to help her succeed in the following areas: a) Time management

b) Prioritize
c) Study habits
d) Note taking
e) Problem Solving- handling crisis

Briefly answer her questions below:

1) What is the Cyber Café?

2) What if I have computer problems? What number do I call for technical support?

3) How do I log into my classroom?

4) Where is my classroom stuff?

5) How do I turn in an assignment?

6) What is my syllabus and what do I use it for?

7) What is an objective?

8) Where do I find the assignment rubric?

9) How do I use the rubric for my assignment?

10) When should I start my assignment?

11) Where can I find a tutor on the GCU Web site? How do I contact a tutor?

12) How do I ask the instructor a question?

13) I am so busy, how do I manage my time?

14) I have never taken an online course. How do I take notes?

15) I have two assignments due in one week. How do I prioritize them?

16) How do you recommend I study for my Module 5 quiz?

17) How do you stay motivated?

18) Tell me how was your UNV 103 experience at GCU? Are you comfortable with navigating through ANGEL? What did you like about it? How was it challenging?
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