Untouched by Economic Slump, Perfume Manufacturers in West Delhi Steadily Spreading Fragrance

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Untouched by economic slump, perfume manufacturers in West Delhi steadily spreading fragrance DELHI: In the face of a grim, slow-moving economy the Indian fragrance industry seems to be blooming. The Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India (Assocham) recently painted a rosy picture for the industry in a recent report. By 2015, the fragrance industry is poised to reach the Rs 10,000 crore-mark. And the perfume manufacturers of West Delhi have a fair share in the pie. "West Delhi's contribution to the fragrance market of the country is around Rs 2-3 crore per month," says Achyut Bhardwaj, director of Sanative Industrial Corporation - a company based in Naraina Industrial Area - which deals in mint oil, menthol oil and its raw materials. "We import these oils such as clove from countries like Madagascar and Indonesia and have a distillation plant in Bahadurgarh where the cleansing process takes place," says Bharadwaj. The company has big names such as, Baidyanath and Dabur in their clientele. "Our clients also include some paan masala companies which use these essences in their products," he adds. DELHI's CONTRIBUTION

According to DS Rawat, secretary general, Assocham, the fragrance industry in Delhi is worth Rs 40 crore and the unorganised market accounts for about Rs 5 crore for the same. "While about Rs 3,700 crore is the overall worth of the fragrance industry in India, the unorganised market accounts for more than Rs 1,000 crore," says Rawat. The Assocham study states that the Indian deodorant and roll-on market is currently poised at about Rs 1,800 crore and is growing at about 55 percent annually. While, the perfume market is growing at about 30 percent and is currently poised at about Rs 1,500 crore, the roll on market's current size is a meager Rs 400 crore as only a handful of brands are operating in this domain. NOW THAT SMELLS GOOD!

"Fragrance industry in India is still at nascent stage but its rising demand is largely driven by growing...
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